All the world’s knowledge in a structured graph

Enhance your data analysis with bite-sized units of knowledge that integrate seamlessly with your  algorithms.


Decentralized Knowledge Graph

Unleash the power of cutting-edge unstructured news data.


Comprehensive event breakdowns

Delve into detailed narratives with our AI-driven breakdowns, turning complex events into an understandable and interactive timeline.

Triples for structured units of knowledge

Triples, also referred to as fact triples or SPO triples, serve as the basic components of information, connecting entities to construct a comprehensive graph. They represent the smallest units of knowledge, forming the foundation of our understanding. The framework accommodates a diverse range of triple types, modifiers, and corroborating evidence.

Smart contracts for graph authentication

Every user has the ability to submit triples for authentication, and upon approval, they will receive testnet points that could later translate into rewards upon the mainnet launch. The decision on whether the triples are accepted is determined by verifiers and predictions derived from the knowledge graph itself.

Leverage the power of structured news data

Learn how Machine Readable News can transform your trading algorithms, marketing research, and organizational decision-making.

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