Leverage the power of Machine Readable News

Uncover actionable signals, speed up research, and mitigate risk by being algorithmically ahead of the signal.

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Machine-Readable News

Unleash the power of cutting-edge unstructured news data.


Choose your sources and datasets

Leverage our global news coverage and our ability to analyze and scan news across 50,000 companies in real time, as well as our historical news analytics.


Run our algorithms

Our proprietary algorithms can identify real world events within any piece of news. They automatically identify where the events happened and what entities were involved.


Consume the API

Get JSON results with simple HTTP GET requests, or use one of the SDKs available in your language. Use our generalized schema or tailor the API to your specific framework.

Tap into a diverse pipeline of data

Our news coverage includes over 10,000 news sources in multiple languages and over 2,000 datasets from various data providers.

Banking and Finance News

Detailed news coverage of the global banking and finance sectors, combining news from news outlets and expert commentary.


Newsmate is a provider to financial industry clients of structured commodities news for algorithmic trading.

Companies and Industries

Newsmate offers the broadest coverage of company and industry news from breaking news and analysis.

Economics and Central Banking

Newsmate is a provider to financial clients of expert and authoritative news on global and national economies.

Financial Markets

Newsmate provides structured financial data for what matters across foreign exchange, sovereign debt, and equities markets.

Social Analytics

Our Social Analytics tool can turn today’s vast amounts of unstructured social media data into actionable insights to spot event risk.

Politics and General

Newsmate crawls political and general knowledge news across the globe in realtime across all major international and local news outlets.

Real Time Tickers

Newsmate Machine Readable News API is a leading low-latency, structured textual news service powered by AI.

Leverage the power of structured news data

Learn how Machine Readable News can transform your trading algorithms, marketing research, and organizational decision-making.

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