Track your most relevant stories in detail

We use AI to break down and categories news events in realtime better and faster than any modern newsroom.

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Comprehensive event breakdowns

Delve into detailed narratives with our AI-driven breakdowns, turning complex events into an understandable and interactive timeline.

Breakdown by the second

Capture every moment with precision, as our technology dissects events down to the second, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Realtime geospatial data

Track events as they unfold with real-time geospatial data, providing a dynamic and spatial understanding of unfolding stories.

Endless customization

Tailor your event tracking with limitless customization options, allowing you to focus on the details that matter most to your narrative.

A vast array of event types

Cater to diverse storytelling needs with our support for a wide range of event types, from simple milestones to complex, multi-faceted occurrences.

Leverage the power of structured news data

Learn how Machine Readable News can transform your trading algorithms, marketing research, and organizational decision-making.

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